JP Sheriff says killings were premeditated; neighbors of suspect express shock

Arrest made in Metairie quadruple shooting, stabbing

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - In a working-class Kenner neighborhood near the airport Friday evening, many residents were standing outside and watching an active crime scene.

Hours earlier, a man suspected in a quadruple murder in Metairie on Wednesday was arrested at a house at 2645 Albany Street.

"To bring it to our neighborhood is ridiculous," said a resident who wanted his identity protected.

During a hastily called late afternoon news conference, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand announced that Armande Stephen Tart, who had been staying in Metairie, had been arrested in the gruesome crime in an apartment complex on Pasadena Avenue.

"What was the motive? The motive was stealing drugs. We know that there was a significant amount of cocaine within that apartment," Normand said.

In one apartment, three people were found fatally shot: 40-year-old Kyle Turner, 56-year-old John Edward Henry, and 62-year-old Rosemary Charles. Additionally, a 33-year-old woman whose name is not released took a gunshot to the face but survived. In a nearby apartment, 56-year-old Harold Frisard was found stabbed to death. The sheriff said Frisard had been stabbed at least 40 times in the head, neck and chest.

"The victims, we had previously arrested all of them for drugs. In fact, the victim-witness who cooperated with us, she did not know any of the people at that location. She, by happenstance, came to that location with someone else who - by the way - got out with an AK-47 and shoved it into his pants and went into this location. So the situation here is, at the end of the day, it's going to be a drug rip," said Normand.

He said Frisard had taken Tart in.

"And during the course of his staying there, he was made aware of what was going on in the other apartment, and was also known to the victims that welcomed him in to that apartment," said the sheriff.

Normand said the crimes were premeditated, and said Tart is a cold-blooded killer who tried to avoid capture.

"He knew there was video and secreted his identity by putting a sheet over his face, and we know at one point in time during the early morning hours he also attempted to destroy the video cameras by violently shaking the poles that they were on. They were too high for him to reach," Normand said.

But eventually people who saw and heard things talked, helping investigators to piece things together.

'I'm very impressed with the way Jefferson Parish handled this and got this resolved as quickly as they did," said a Kenner resident.

FOX 8 News asked Normand to expound on his statement that all of the victims had been arrested previously for drugs, and some were in their 50s and 60s.

"The drug business is a very lucrative business, and unfortunately we have a lot of people that want the path of least resistance to support themselves and not go through the school of hard knocks and not have to answer to somebody and can sleep late. But with that comes risks," said the sheriff.

Tart has a long criminal record including weapons charges and time in jail for drug possession.

The sheriff's office seeks the public's help in locating a black Aucura TL that belong to one of the deceased victims. The temporary license plate number is 17396693.

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