Juan's World: LSU to hire Will Wade

Juan's World: LSU to hire Will Wade

(WVUE) - Welcome into Juan's World where LSU is about to hire an unknown as it's next men's basketball coach. An unknown 'here' that is. Will Wade, Virginia Commonwealth's Head Coach for the past two seasons, is leaving the Rams for the Tigers.

And if LSU fans aren't quite happy with the decision, I get it. But, think for a second about what you're getting. A young coach (he's 34) with a fresh approach to winning. And we know he knows how to win. He won 51-games during his time in charge of the Rams. Oh, and did I mention that he took them to the NCAA tournament both seasons?

Yes, this young guy has achieved more in the last two seasons than LSU has in the last eight under two different head coaches (Trent Johnson & Johnny Jones).

All you need to know about how bad LSU basketball is right now is 10-21, their record this season. Dead last in the SEC. Such a disappointment the entire season that when their SEC tournament game against Mississippi state came around, you pretty much knew how it was gonna go.

And one look at the Pete Maravich Center on game day tells the same story. It's mostly empty when the Tigers play. Interest in the program is at an all-time low. It's clear that it's long past time for something new, something different, something better.

And in Will Wade, Tigers fans are hoping that they'll get all of that...and a whole lot more.

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