Heated courtroom exchanges in video voyeurism trial of Uptown plastic surgeon

Heated courtroom exchanges in video voyeurism trial of Uptown plastic surgeon

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Major fireworks erupted in the courtroom Wednesday during the trial of an Uptown plastic surgeon accused of video voyeurism.

At one point this morning, the lead prosecutor in this case and defense attorney for Dr. Ali Sadeghi were yelling at each other over evidence, before Judge Laurie White ordered them to calm down.

Sadeghi is on trial, accused of videotaping patients while they were unconscious, without their consent.

Today, an investigator with the Attorney General's office took the stand to testify about the text messages pulled from Sadeghi's cell phone.

Before getting into the meat of his testimony, the defense informed the judge that Thomas Ferguson was providing analysis of someone else's condensed report as opposed to his own, lengthier report.

The judge insisted the investigator could only testify on his own findings, not those of someone else.

While this caused a heated exchange between defense attorney Lisa Wayne and assistant district attorney Laura Rodrigue, the real fireworks came after Ferguson was dismissed from the stand.

After the judge and jury left the courtroom, while discussing evidence once again, Wayne said to Rodrigue, who is the daughter of district attorney, Leon Cannizzaro: "This is not a personal thing, Laura. It's a legal thing. Does she think she rules this city because her dad's in power? Is this how they do it in New Orleans? Go practice somewhere else."

Rodrigue didn't respond.

The prosecution rested its case.

Defense presented no evidence.

Closing arguments will follow jury instructions Wednesday afternoon.

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