Proposed Kenner ordinance would charge highest ride-sharing fees in the country

Proposed Kenner ordinance would charge highest ride-sharing fees in the country

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - You might have to pay the highest ride sharing fees in the country every time you catch a ride from the airport. That's if a proposed ordinance is passed in Kenner.

Uber and Lyft drivers went before the City Council to push back, while taxi drivers say it levels the playing field.

Ride sharing drivers are concerned the proposed ordinance that would add additional fees to fares could drive business out of town and cause public safety problems. But, taxi drivers support the ordinance, saying it's fair.

The ordinance would add a $4 charge to ride sharing fees on top of the $4 the City of New Orleans charges. Uber says if the ordinance passes, that would be the highest ride sharing fee in the country.

"That would be a $4 fee going to the city of Kenner that would be additive to the existing $4 fee that goes to the city of New Orleans right now, so that means every time you hail an Uber at the airport, you would be paying $8 just in fees on your ride," said Uber spokesman Nick Juliano.

If passed and enforced, Uber says it would not be able to operate in Kenner.

"This ordinance that was brought forward tonight to what other jurisdictions in the Greater New Orleans area have done. They're very different. There's the difference of the fees and technical provisions in there we have made clear we would be unable to operate under, and we would have to look very seriously at that ordinance," said Juliano.

If the proposed ordinance passes, there would be a $10 per trip fee for limousines and executive sedans as well as a $6 charge per passenger for shuttles.

The city council deferred a vote on the ordinance. Councilman Michael Sigur says that will give them time to take additional input from the public before they vote.

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