Man arrested in Deputy's death wants his statements thrown out

Man arrested in Deputy's death wants his statements thrown out

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - A motions hearing in the murder case of a 19-year-old Jerman Neveaux included a witness list of more than 70 people.

"It was many law enforcement officers and medical staff. We've also subpoenaed a number of civilian witnesses as well," says Martin Regan.

Neveaux's attorney, Martin Regan, says the long list indicated the amount of testimony he and the prosecution plan to include as the case unfolds.

Regan wanted to suppress evidence pertaining to witnesses ID's of the suspect, made before and after his arrest.

The Judge, though, denied those motions.

"People were identifying the defendant because they know him from the neighborhood or they know him from school. We haven't got into the meat of why they were identifying him or what they saw," says Regan.

Neveaux is charged with first degree murder for allegedly shooting Detective David Michel Jr. three times in the back after Michel stopped him on Manhattan Boulevard last June.

Regan says during his client's arrest, officers were caught on cell phone video using excessive force. He says Neveaux suffered a fractured eye socket and injuries to his back and kidney.

Regan is now seeking to suppress any statements, including a confession, made by his client during that arrest.

The Judge, though, decided to recess the motions hearing today when several witnesses didn't show up.

Those witnesses included two people who Regan claims will be critical to the defense.

"The witnesses were actually on the scene and were involved in recording the events and also seeing what was going on both in the backyard of the house where some things occurred as well as in the house," says Regan.

The Judge issued a bench warrant for the two witnesses since they were subpoenaed and didn't show up.

The motions hearing to suppress Neveaux's statements will be held on April 13.

"The hearing that will be held on the thirteenth will be very very critical to the case, and I think that it will tell the story as to where we're going with this case," says Regan.

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