Gas tax hike floated to help pay for road construction

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Louisiana lawmakers are considering a proposal to raise the state's gas tax to help fill a massive budget deficit.

Right now, drivers in the state pay a 20-cent per gallon tax. But some lawmakers think that should be raised by another 15 to 20 cents to help raise revenue.

State lawmakers will soon meet to begin the Spring session to come up with a funding plan.

Monday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will release his proposal for overhauling the state's tax laws.

While Edwards' plan does not mention anything about a gas tax increase, several lawmakers are floating the idea, saying it's needed to pay for infrastructure.

The tax policy watchdog group, Americans for Prosperity disagrees, coming out against the idea.

Yet the head of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development says there is no more money left to pay for roads.

"If that means closing hospitals or universities, that will mean a great road to a building that is not functional or services that are not available," said LaDOTD Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson.

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