Payton addresses Manziel breakfast

Sean, Juan talk Johnny Manziel

(WVUE) - When a report came out that Sean Payton had breakfast with Johnny Manziel during Super Bowl week in Houston many speculated about Manziel's future in New Orleans. Payton cleared up any confusion regarding the former Heisman Trophy winner at the NFL owner's meetings in Phoenix Wednesday.

"It gave me an opportunity to meet him," Payton told reporters. "I was out in Houston for three days for the Super Bowl, and I understand he was. It was the first time just having a chance to talk to him. I'll really leave it at that because it's just what it was.I'm sure he's got a handful of things that he has to do step-wise to get himself back in position to sign with a club and play football again. It made sense for me to get to know him a little bit."

Payton said any assumption beyond them meeting for breakfast is wrong and that the team has no plans of signing him.

"I think the part of the report that insinuated that this was moving in that direction, I'm just gonna say it was false," Payton said. "So now I'm sitting here answering 15 questions over a reporter's report. I met with him, we had a good breakfast, it was that."

Manziel was out of football last season after getting released by the Cleveland Browns following multiple off-field incidents. He's training this offseason in hopes of making a comeback to the NFL.

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