Residents deal with massive pothole on Uptown street

Residents deal with massive pothole on Uptown street

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Residents in one Uptown neighborhood are growing frustrated with a huge pothole, just south of Magazine Street, that seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.

The pothole is located on Constantinople Street, or as residents like to call it, Lake Constantinople. But driving through the street is no holiday thanks to the massive hole that swallows most of the two-lane street.

Adam Miller has watched it grow in front of his house every day for the past four months, and he's had enough. He called the city to report the problem.

"It's held water the entire time, though," Miller said. "After thinking about it, it can't be a hole that just developed. It's gotta be something underneath too."

Whatever is causing the gaping hole to grow threatens to take out the entire roadway. Miller said trucks from a nearby construction project only add to the wear and tear. As a result, right now drivers are forced to navigate the gauntlet with care, swerving onto the sidewalk.

"As a matter of fact, people have to pull through here, and this portion is probably taking the brunt of the weight. If that's three feet, I'd be amazed that's the space for a car to pass on," Miller said.

FOX 8 contacted the city's 311 line, which handles complaints about potholes. A representative said that the problem was reported March 22.

A spokesperson with the Sewage and Water Board confirmed that the pothole is the result of a leaking water main beneath the street that is causing the road to cave in and fill with water. And what started out as a small problem has taken on a life of its own.

"We've had rubber ducks in it, we've had cones in it, we've had it dyed pink for Mardi Gras," Virginia McCollam said. "While that's all fun and good, it really is a danger for anyone coming through here. Particularly at night, for someone to lose control of their vehicle."

McCollam lives across the street and parks her SUV a few feet from the pothole. She said she washed her Lexus yesterday. But with all the traffic splashing up the muddy water that collects in the crater, clearly, it's time for a new wash.

"My car every day is covered in mud. I get out of my car, I step in a puddle. I come into my house, I track mud through my house," McCollam said.

Between the mess and the massive headache, everyone here hopes that it will be fixed before it gets a whole lot worse.

The Sewage and Water Board said that work on the pothole is set to begin Wednesday night.

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