Body camera footage released in officer-involved shooting in N.O. East

Body camera footage released in officer-involved shooting in N.O. East

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - On Jan. 24, the NOPD's TIGER unit was conducting an armed robbery sting at the Carriage House Apartments in New Orleans East. Twenty-six-year-old  Arties Manning was not the target, but the footage shows an NOPD officer attempting to detain him.

Manning appeared to run, and police say he raised an object believed to be a holstered gun later found on the scene.

The video does not show Manning being shot by a plainclothes officer, which happens just 1.5 seconds after he turned a corner. Police said Officer Terrance Hilliard shot Manning three times in the shoulder, side and back.

During a vigil last Friday, Manning's family demanded justice.

"We think there is a cover-up. We think that they began this investigation with the assumption that Arties deserved to be shot," said Manning's mother, Natasha Manning.

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said the NOPD met with the Manning family within 24 hours of the incident, and Public Integrity Bureau Chief Arlinda Westbrook said she has had three or four meetings with the family, as well.

"Then again on yesterday, we met with them to allow them to view this footage, which they knew existed, and to prepare them for this release today," Harrison said.

Harrison told FOX 8 that the family was emotional and still grieving.

An attorney representing the family released this statement:

"The family was able to view the video yesterday, and had a very helpful meeting with Chiefs Harrison and Westbrook. The video is of low quality and specific images are hard to make out. It remains unclear to us whether Arties was even holding a weapon - we don't think that question is answered by this video. We also don't think the video shows him 'raising a weapon.' We have a lot of questions about why this police operation was conducted as it was. And of course, a critical question remains whether the officer who shot Arties was in fear for his safety. The video doesn't show that part of the interaction. The family continues to have many unanswered questions about what happened to Arties, and awaits the conclusion of the NOPD's internal investigation. Just seeing the video was very important to the family. We thank the NOPD for facilitating that and for releasing it."

The NOPD's investigation is not over.

"We're still waiting on DNA evidence to come back. We're still waiting on ballistics. We're still doing any searches of any potential witnesses that still may be out there," Westbrook said.

Meanwhile, Officer Hilliard remains re-assigned until the investigation is complete.

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