Gov. Edwards urges caution ahead of severe weather

Gov. Edwards urges caution ahead of severe weather

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As a wall of severe weather with threats of wind and flooding and possible tornados moves through central Louisiana, governor John BelEdwardss is putting the state on high alert.

 "It doesn't take a tornado to cause extensive damage injuries or death straight line force winds are anticipated to reach between 70 and 80 miles an hour in many areas." said governor Edwards.

In St. Martin parish, straight line winds toppled this trailer killing a mother and daughter in Breaux bridge. It's scenes like this that has the governor urging anyone in a mobile home to find some place better to stay.

"Don't unnecessarily stay in a trailer or a mobile home or travel trailer or any other kind of trailer if you have the ability to stay with a relative or friend or neighbor who has a more secure or sturdy place for you to ride the storm out" said Edwards.

It's a big request but the governor says forecasts show this storm could cause severe damage.

 "This is a very significant storm event these forecast of this nature occur very infrequently across the country and we don't know that there's ever been a time in the state Louisiana with this particular forecast has ever been issued for so much of the state of Louisiana being under a risk of severe weather." said Edwards.

The governor wants to make sure people are prepared as the storm moves through. He says your biggest tool might be in your hands right now, your phone.

"I can tell you from experience from February 7 when the strongest tornado every touchdown in New Orleans it damaged 800 structures 300 were totally destroyed or had high levels of damage nobody was killed and people told me over and over the phone is what made the difference so I'm asking everyone to leave your phones on tonight keep them charged and keep them close to you at all times throughout the night." said Edwards.