Changing the name to Baby Cakes still center of attention

Babycakes preview

(WVUE) - With a new name, comes new logos, and new uniforms for the New Orleans Baby Cakes. The Zephyrs are no longer, and that's caused quite the uproar to some locals. Cakes' Manager Arnie Beyeler is experiencing the blow back, and the interest first-hand.

"That's what the guys get asked about. No one cares about the guys, or baseball, they just want to know about the name," said Beyeler. "It's a good name as far as that goes. It get's a lot of attention, and that's what it's designed for. If all the people that complained about changing it came out to the game, they probably wouldn't have changed it. When you get new ownership in a lot of places, it happens. It's a good opportunity for someone to get a new logo. You get new hats, and shirts, and we get new uniforms."

With that name change comes a little ridicule from players around the minor league baseball system.

"Oh yeah, around the league they're definitely going to give us some, that's what they do. We don't choose the name, we don't choose the team, we just play for them," said outfielder Destin Hood.

Cakes' opener is Thursday night against the Memphis Redbirds, at the "Shrine on Airline".

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