Walter, Steven Reed sentenced in federal court

Walter, Steven Reed sentenced in federal court

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Former North Shore District Attorney Walter Reed, 70, and his son Steven Reed were sentenced Wednesday in federal court.

Judge Fallon sentenced Reed to four years in prison for his corruption conviction, while Steve Reed received five years probation.

It was estimated Walter Reed would face between nine to 11 years in prison. Last year he was convicted of 18 corruption charges including wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and mail fraud.

The convictions came after Reed was featured in a series of Lee Zurik investigations. The charges involved his personal use of campaign funds and his pocketing of st Tammany parish hospital payments that should have gone to the district attorney's office for providing legal services.

During Steven Reed's sentencing, Judge Eldon Fallon found that incarcerating the 45-year-old would do no benefit to him or society, so instead of the recommended 18 to 24 months behind bars, Steven Reed made out with just probation.

Before the judge sentenced Walter Reed, he said, "even though I believe you are about to impose a life sentence on me, today is a good day. You gave my son probation. Thank you."

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