Jamal Adams steals the show at LSU Pro Day

Jamal Adams steals the show at LSU Pro Day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - When it comes to draft projections and the possibility of being an early round selection, LSU safety Jamal Adams isn't backing down. He's stated before that he wants to be the highest safety taken in history, which would be fourth overall or better, and he reiterated that today.

"I plan to be a hall of famer at the end of the day," says Adams. "That's my main goal to be a hall of famer and put on a yellow jacket."

But behind his bold draft prediction, there's also a lot of substance. Adams was a play-maker from year one at LSU and quickly became one of the most versatile defenders in the country as a sophomore and junior. He can benefit any defense in multiple situations.

"The game is definitely changing," says Adams. "I feel like I'm versatile. I can play everything on the back end. I can blitz. I can cover the slot. I can sit at 20 yards and go sideline to sideline. That's what separates me from the other defensive guys in the draft."

It certainly doesn't hurt that he posted an unofficial time of 4.33 seconds in his 40-yard dash at LSU's Pro Day. Now all that remains in between Adams and his longtime goal of being a top four pick is team visits and interviews.

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