After Further Review: The circumstances where Adrian Peterson makes sense

After Further Review: The circumstances where Adrian Peterson makes sense

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Adrian Peterson is reportedly visiting the Saints next week, and the usual reaction and overreaction has occurred.

First of all, it's a visit, not a signing. Second, look at the timing. It's a visit on Tuesday; we heard about it on Thursday. In this instant gratification world, that's an eternity of time. That should signal the sense of urgency involving this potential transaction. No one is in a rush; nothing is imminent. If it was, there would be no time between the news breaking and the actual visit.

That being said, the Saints have a need for a short yardage back and kicking the tires on him makes sense. Peterson could fill that void, but on three conditions.

I. Health 

Peterson is 32 years-old and has only played twenty-games over the last three seasons. 16 of those came in 2015 when he rushed for nearly 1,500 yards. However, running backs hit the wall fast, and Father Time never losses. He is coming off a torn meniscus injury. That's a tough injury for a running back to overcome, particularly one in their thirties. Any lingering issues from that injury must be gone for the Saints to sign him. A clean bill of health is the absolute minimum requirement to bringing Peterson on board.

II. Cost

No brainer here. Peterson was at one time the highest paid back in the game. Those days are over. For the Saints, bringing him in must be at a very low financial risk. A one-year deal worth around $1-2 million with performance incentives would be the appropriate way to go.

III. Pride 

Peterson was once the best back in the game. For so many years the Vikings built their offense around him. That won't happen in New Orleans. Even if he was still the game's best, Drew Brees will always be the focal point. But it goes even further. At this stage of his career for the Saints, he won't even be the main option out of the backfield. He'll be there to spell Mark Ingram, who is coming off his best year as a pro. Peterson will essentially be a situational, short yardage back. One game he may get eight carries; another he may get none. If Peterson is okay with that and checks the other two boxes, then he is absolutely worth bringing on board. It would make him low-risk and if he still has some juice left, he could end up being high reward. 

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