FOX 8 political analyst examines response to U.S. Syrian airstrikes

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman says President Donald Trump faced his first big foreign policy crisis and responded by intervening in Syria on humanitarian grounds - something Sherman says is a departure from Trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail.

"And, on Inauguration Day, when he gave hints of a new American foreign policy that would see a little more isolationism, but after seeing those chemical attacks he decided to intervene in Syria, and took decisive action this week," said Sherman.

The big question now: What's next?

"So now that Donald Trump has intervened in Syria, he's not only taken on the Syrian government but also taken on Russia who's Syria's last significant remaining ally so, what's next? Will the U.S. now escalate its involvement in Syria or was this a one off? That's the big question," said Sherman.

Oil prices went up following the air strike. Eric Smith with Tulane Energy Institute says anytime there is political unrest that could affect the oil industry, that will happen. But, he says we will likely have a couple of weeks of wait and see before we find out what the impact will be.

"Syria doesn't produce enough oil that we would buy to have any effect on our own pricing, but Syria is sandwiched in there, you know, right next to Iraq and Iran and other people that do produce a lot of oil, and to a degree that you disrupted shipments in the eastern Mediterranean, you could have an effect on the oil price longer term," said Smith.

And according to Sherman, we could also see Trump's approval rating go up.

"Universally, Americans tend to increase their favorability of presidents in times of crisis, so taking decisive action on humanitarian grounds is probably something that we are going to see a bump in Donald Trump's approval rating. But like we saw in the Iraq War, it's not just the first action, it's what comes next. Donald Trump and his advisers need to now figure out what's next in Syria, and that's a complicated civil war that were now getting involved in," said Sherman.

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