Tulane medical student has moved on after getting shot by Euric Cain

Meg Gatto interviews Peter Gold

(WVUE) - The Tulane medical student who risked his life to save a woman being kidnapped on Magazine Street is for the first time describing the night he was shot and nearly killed by Euric Cain.

Peter Gold said Tuesday morning that he "just did the right thing."

Gold recounted what happened on November 20, 2015, moments before being shot and left to die by Cain.

"He had her in a choke hold basically and was dragging her across the ground," Gold said.

"I said this is not good and the next thing I knew I was out of the car and yelling at him and trying to get him to leave the girl alone."

Early on the morning of November 20, Gold was driving along Magazine Street when he saw Cain trying to kidnap a woman.

After intervening, Cain tried to rob Gold, then shot him in the stomach.

Surveillance video caught the terrifying moments when Cain also tried to shoot Gold in the head, but the gun jammed.

The woman Gold helped, was able to get away and Cain was eventually arrested and convicted of the crimes.

Today, Gold says he's started a foundation to help at-risk youth, in the hope of preventing other children from going down the path that Cain chose.

"It's really special for me, for you guys, for me to kind of do what I can to give back to the city and to start to play a more meaningful role in it," Gold said.

Gold says he doesn't have any lingering medical issues from his wounds.

He's in residency at a hospital in New York, he is trying to move on with his life.

He also says the woman he saved wrote him a letter, thanking him.

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