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Reopening motions in fatal Lamborghini crash case puts trial date in jeopardy

Jason Adams (Source: OPSO) Jason Adams (Source: OPSO)

During a discovery hearing Wednesday for the driver in a fatal Lamborghini crash, Judge Robin Pittman had concerns that the May 8 trial date may be delayed.

Jason Adams is charged with vehicular homicide in the death of Kristi Lirette, who died after Adams crashed his car into a floodwall on Tchoupitoulas Street last May. Police said he admitted to drinking and speeding before the crash.

On Wednesday Pittman agreed to another motion so the defense can question NOPD officers who responded to the accident scene. This came after they received a new report in the case. We also learned that the assistant district attorney working the case will be leaving the DA's office, so a new ADA must be assigned. Pittman fears the new ADA may not be up to speed on the case by May 8. For Lirette's family, it was another blow.

“We're just confused as to why our case seems to be jumping around the DA's office so much,” said Kristi’s father, Brett Lirette. “We've got some questions for the DA now to find out who’s going to be assigned to it, how long it’s going to take them to get up to speed, is it going to delay our court date again?”

Adams has pleaded not guilty.

Motions are scheduled for April 28.

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