Gruesome new details emerge in Metairie quadruple murder as judge rules suspect will remain jailed

Man accuse of killing 4 people in Metairie appears in court

The man accused of a Metairie quadruple murder will remain in jail. A Jefferson Parish judge made the ruling Friday during a bond reduction hearing, while new details of the gruesome crime were revealed.

Armande Tart sits behind bars, accused of gunning down four people while stabbing a fifth to death. One of the shooting victims survived, and according to the lead JPSO detective on the case, she helped identify Tart as the attacker from a photo line-up.

Det. Joe Waguespack recalls what the victim told detectives.

"There was a knock on the door. An individual asked to use the restroom. They came out and started shooting everyone in the head," he said.

Early on the morning of March 15, neighbors were awoken by the sounds of screams.

Waguespack testified they said they heard people yelling, "Please stop, please don't do this." Then, they heard gunshots. Deputies arrived and found the shooting victims, then obtained a search warrant for a nearby apartment after noticing the front door open.

Waguespack says they found the fifth victim in a bathtub, strangled with stab wounds. He says surveillance cameras mounted on a pole in the courtyard of the apartment complex show Tart entering and exiting the apartments then violently shake the pole, trying to dislodge the cameras. A friend of Tart's told investigators he knew the victims through drug deals.

Tart told deputies he was at his girlfriend's house the night of the murders. But the girlfriend claims she heard him leave at midnight, not returning until 7 a.m.

After listening to testimony Friday, a judge ruled there is enough probable cause to keep Tart in jail while he faces four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder.

Waguespack says a murder weapon was never recovered.

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