Many flock to French Quarter to celebrate Easter

Many flock to French Quarter to celebrate Easter

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It was a packed Easter Holiday weekend across the Metropolitan New Orleans area. In the French Quarter there were back-to-back parades. Jazz bands, floats and plenty of throws entertained the crowds gathered for the annual parades.

The Chris Owens parade did not disappoint. Owens wore a spectacular Easter attire with her Easter Bonnet as she stood atop one of the colorful floats in the parade named after the New Orleans French Quarter legend.

"New Orleans makes me feel like I can really be myself. I naturally wear big hats, gloves, lace dresses. So this is my first Easter here in New Orleans," said Heather Macon, who recently moved to New Orleans.

The French Quarter Easter Parade started the day off with its own parade featuring carriages, convertibles and holiday inspired throws. Locals says its another great chance to pull out their costumes. "You can be who you are and nobody cares here. Or we can dress like this on a Tuesday,"  said New Orleans resident Stephen Mora.

However the day was much more than parades and party.  Local Christians packed St. Louis Cathedral to rejoice and mark this Holy day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

"Because Catholicism is such a spiritual center of the city, its so refreshing to be in New Orleans on a day like today and to enjoy the best of both worlds the spiritual and the fun," said Kelly Cooper, who lives locally.

As for some children, after the Church service at St. Louis Cathedral, they got to participate the annual search for the egg in the Easter Egg hunt. The children were treated  to the event at the back of the historic French Quarter Church.

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