Spring game doesn't reveal starter at QB for LSU

Spring game doesn't reveal starter at QB for LSU

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - For the first time in 22 years LSU held their spring game at night, and that didn't go so well. Lightning moved the game indoors, but that wasn't the biggest story of the night. Did a starting quarterback emerge after spring football?

"It was the defense's night. The offense did a tremendous job all spring, but tonight was the defense's night," said LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron. "I don't think that we played very well on offense. I know Coach (Matt) Canada is a little disappointed in the performance, but I have confidence that we are going to get better. The quarterback competition is open, and it is going to stay open until somebody proves they are our No. 1 quarterback."

Numerous questions continued to focus on the QB spot, as they should. No stable quarterback, no SEC or national titles will return to Tiger Town.

"Here is the deal. Nobody has earned the starting spot and you saw that tonight. If we had to name a starter tonight it is not a clear-cut winner. Most of the spring Danny (Etling) has been better. Underneath the pressure, the guys did not perform the way we wanted them to, so they are going to have to show me who is able to perform under pressure to be the LSU quarterback," said Orgeron.

Fear not LSU fans, the offensively playbook stayed closed for the most part, especially with the contest being broadcast on national television.

"We talked about that extensively. There is a lot of stuff that Matt (Canada) did not do. We wanted to be 50-50 tonight. 50 percent run, 50 percent pass. I asked him to do that and he did it. We knew we had to work on our passing game. There are a lot of things he did not show, but most of the stuff he did show people have his film from Pittsburgh, they've seen it anyway," said Orgeron.

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