Candlelight vigil held at Jefferson Davis monument ahead of removal

Candlelight vigil held at Jefferson Davis monument ahead of removal

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Candles are lit at the base of the Jefferson Davis monument where supporters gathered overnight before the monument was scheduled to be removed by the City of New Orleans.

In Mid-City the handful of supporters gathered to protest the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue.

The group gathered at midnight to hold a candlelight vigil.

The members of the Monumental Task Committee the statues the city is removing are an important part of New Orleans history and should not come down.

This group says they'll stand in front of the Jefferson Davis monument for as long as it takes to save it.

Some believe if the statues are removed they should be placed in a museum. Others say they should stay but the city can make adjustments to the statues to help educate others about New Orleans history.

"We all have to live together and there's certainly enough monuments reflecting all segments of our population and our long and colorful history," said monument supporter Charles Schmitz.

"We've also recommended putting up interpretive plaques to help put the monuments put up a century ago into current understanding," Schmitz said. "And most importantly, we've been a proponent of putting up new monuments for new or forgotten heroes in New Orleans and New Orleans has many of those."

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