Juan's World: Bring on AP

Juan's World: Bring on AP

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World, where I'm happy with the Saints' newest addition. I know, I know. Adrian Peterson's on the downside of his career. A career, mind you, that's bordering on first ballot hall of famer.

That's an argument for another day, but today, I'm happy because the Saints are back in the news for all of the right reasons. They're back in the news because they continue to make positive moves..."finally-making-the-playoff" moves that should be expected from a team that's missed the playoffs three straight seasons.

I'd like to think that there's an understanding inside of Tom Benson's building that the way things have been going....has to stop. Drew Brees all but said he's fed up when he declined even talking about signing a new deal. Instead, Brees said he wants to "play it out and see." That's an ultimatum without having to issue one, and everyone in Benson's building heard it, including Mr. Benson.

This off-season, the Saints have addressed the defense...re-signing Nick Fairley and signing to deals linebackers AJ Klein and Alex Okafor. They've also addressed the biggest problem on special teams by signing a dynamite returner away from division rival Carolina in Ted Ginn Jr.

All that's left for them to fix - Wait, fix is a strong word. How about "tweak." The offense needs tweaking, and adding Peterson is tweak number one.

Thirty-two year old Adrian Peterson, who's just two seasons removed from leading the league in rushing with nearly 1,500 yards. But, this is also the same Adrian Peterson that's barely a season removed from playing in just three games because of a meniscus injury.

those two seasons beg the question. Which A.P. will the Saints be getting this fall. The guy with something to prove and plenty left in the tank? Or, a future hall of famer who's best days and games are far behind him.

I'm betting on the former and not the latter and the reason why is simple. Adrian Peterson is better than Tim Hightower. Prior to joining the Saints two years back, Hightower wasn't sure he'd ever play football again. Multiple knee injuries almost ended his career. Instead, he bounced back and turned a couple of solid seasons with the Saints into a new contract in San Francisco.

Peterson had a simple meniscus tear and by all accounts, he's completely healed and ready to play.

Hightower is two years younger so he has that on his side. But, Peterson's essentially had two seasons off. One, because of injury and two years ago because of a suspension. So essentially, he's running on 30-year-old legs.

With all things being equal, Peterson's just the better back. Peterson, on his best day, is still better than 90 percent of the guys that tote the rock on Sundays, Monday and Thursdays.

Here in New Orleans, he'll share the backfield with Mark Ingram, which could end up being a blessing for both players. Less pounding means added days onto the end of a career. Both guys will take that.

When it comes to giving older players a chance, Sean Payton always says...I don't need to see it all of the time, just some of the time. He's betting and so am I that Peterson will be able to show it...show that he's still got it, MOST of the time.

Juan's World, Juan's World....Excellent!!

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