Deceased girl gives new life to North Shore father of 7

Deceased girl gives new life to North Shore father of 7

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A local family turns their tragedy into a second chance at life for a North Shore man. Patrick Duplessis had been waiting nearly four years for a new kidney, when a family dealing with the death of a child stepped in to save his life.

We first introduced you to Duplessis in December. His kidneys were failing and he and his family were desperate for a transplant. They had almost given up hope when they got the call.

"We truly feel like it was divine intervention, it really was," said Patrick's wife, Charity Duplessis. " Amazingly, through the generosity of Skylar Armond's family, they reached out, they heard our story, and wonderfully enough - sorry, I've been getting very emotional - wonderfully enough, through their pain they thought to bless us our family."

The family of Skylar Armond donated her organs, and one of her kidneys went to Patrick. The Slidell teen died the day before her 14th birthday after she was hit by a car while riding her bike.

"The story has lightened our hearts on the whole situation. I mean, it's tragic, don't get me wrong, and we are hurting very, very much, but yet, we can get some kind of gratification out of this whole terrible thing," said Skylar's mother, Hope Armond. "As much as we are hurting, we're giving life back. Not many people can experience that feeling either, you know, the feeling of a losing a child. Not many people feel that experience, as well as not many people feel the experience of being able to give somebody back a life."

Thanks to Skylar's gift, Patrick, a father of seven, has a second chance at life.

"We're so so happy that Skylar got to help him. She's just our hero and she's plenty of other people's hero too, and I've heard she saved five lives already and that's what she would want. She was the sweetest girl," said Skylar's father, Preston Armond.

The Duplessis family couldn't be more grateful.

"He's probably going to get a whole lot more time out of this kidney as long has his body accepts it and doesn't reject it. He's probably going to get a lot more time than he would've from someone who was much older donating to him," said Charity Duplessis.

Patrick's wife tells us he received the kidney transplant Monday morning and is doing very well. He's expected to be released from the hospital this week. She also wants everyone to know the importance of organ donation and how much it means to their family.

For more information on how you can help the Duplessis family with expenses click here. To donate to the Armond family, click here.

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