Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: The 2017 Draft

Jim Henderson's Black & Gold Breakdown: The 2017 Draft

(WVUE) - In the three days of the 2017 draft, 253 players will be selected.  It's improbable to forecast who...impossible to forecast where.

No Saints fan who cringed through 2016 when the defense allowed 4,380 yards passing along with 27 touchdowns while registering only 9 interceptions would quarrel with the Saints addressing in the first two days their biggest needs at edge rusher and cornerback from the two deepest pools of talent from which to pick.

Should Tennessee edge rusher Derek Barnett be here at 11, the Saints choose him, and the many pundits who linked the two in their countless mock drafts smile knowingly and refocus on the browns at 12.

But what if he isn't? The panthers at 8 especially if Leonard Fournette has gone to the Jags at 4, and the Bengals at 9 may have already taken him with the Saints unlikely to move up in the first round

So Barnett is gone. And now it gets to be fun. With no picks in the 4th or 5th rounds, do the Saints seek a trading partner to move down in the first round for third day selections and still get the help they seek off the edge?

If they still have picks 11 and 32, do they go corner at 11 and edge rusher at 32?  What if a prospective top 10 pick has fallen to 11 regardless of position?  They're thin at safety, where they've recently played three and have a history of investing high picks and big bucks.

Will Ohio State's rich vein of talent continue to be mined by Sean Payton?  No one, not even the Saints, know those answers until the picks start coming off the board. It's what makes the draft so fascinating from supposed expert to casual fan. All think they know something today. Many will conclude Saturday night they know nothing.

As Jim Mora once admonished the media, "You think you know, but you don't know, and you never will." And I suspect "won't" again.

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