Jamal Adams brings swagger, proven results to NFL

Jamal Adams brings swagger, proven results to NFL

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WVUE) - - The final hours ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft features the most over-analysis in sports. Guys who were praised throughout college for their play on the field all of a sudden have "glaring issues" or get labeled "risky picks."

From freak athletes like Texas A&M's Myles Garrett, expected to go first overall, to the proven Leonard Fournette from LSU, everyone has their questions.

But there's one Tiger who's checked all of the boxes over and over again: Safety Jamal Adams.

"I think he's one of the safest picks in this draft," says NFL Network's Mike Mayock. "I think he can play in the box. He can play deep. He's clean off the field. He's got that DNA with his dad being a first-round pick. I think he's off the board in the first six picks."

As of this morning, several mock drafts have Adams off the board second overall to San Francisco.

"Of course, I'm not going to be the number one pick, as everybody knows," Adams said.

He has said on numerous occasions that he wants to be a top five pick and expects to be. Adams says you have to take that swagger and attitude with you throughout the entire draft process and football career.

"You want to feel like you're the best," says Adams. "I wouldn't respect anybody out of the draftees that say they're not the best at what they do. You definitely want to have that confidence."

Ask anyone who's played with Adams in the past, and there's no doubt they'd describe him as a team-first guy, and he's taking the same attitude into Thursday's first round. He says he will be right alongside fellow Tigers Leonard Fournette and Tre'Davious White throughout the night.

"I'm looking forward to seeing where each of us lands," says Adams. "No matter who goes first, I plan to be there with those guys in the green room. I believe they're going to do the same thing. We're not leaving the green room until everybody's picked."

And if you put any weight into draft projections, that shouldn't take too long.

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