Loomis looking at large draft board filled with defenders

Mickey Loomis says he has cast a wide net for the draft

PHILADELPHIA (WVUE) - How do you pare down 130 players to the right seven to bring into the New Orleans Saints organization?

It is a challenge that the Saints face in Thursday night's draft, and it could end up being more or less coming aboard depending on trades that happen.

But, Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis said on Wednesday that his board will have somewhere between 100-and-130 players on it and that it has been a challenge to narrow it down because of the depth of this year's draft.

What the Saints need the most are guys that can help immediately on defense. This draft has plenty of those players.

"I think it's pretty wide and I think part of that is that we do have five picks in the first three rounds and we see it as a real deep draft and we think we are going to get some really good players, not just at 32 and 42, but in the third round, those picks as well, so I think it's pretty wide," Loomis said.

The team has seven picks overall, barring a trade up or down. Five of those picks will happen in the draft's first three rounds, meaning when Loomis casts his net, the catch should be worth it.

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