Dad: Jarrius Robertson is recovering well after transplant

Dad: Jarrius Robertson is recovering well after transplant

(WVUE) - New Orleans Saints superfan Jarrius Robertson is recovering nicely and even giving the nurses a hard time, according to a Facebook post from his father Jordy Robertson.

"Nurses are amazed and stun[ned] to see how great and strong this kid is. Jarrius Robertson is doing great," Robertson wrote.

Jarrius is under heavy medication and sedation but is still putting up a fight as medical staff attends to him.

"He still try[ing] to fight to get away by showing force and not letting them put any tubes in him or moving to try to pull them out," Robertson said.

Robertson said that is in character for his son and thanked well-wishers for their support.

Jarrius went in for a liver transplant Sunday morning. He was born with a liver condition called Biliary Atresia. The bile ducts that lead from his liver to his small intestines were not present, leaving nowhere for the toxins to go.

A liver transplant at the age of 1 did not go as well as doctors had hoped.

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