Businesses, tourism officials remain quiet about monument controversy

Removal of Confederate Monuments' effect on tourism

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As locals share their opinions on the city's plans to remove Confederate-era monuments, Quarter business groups are not saying much on the controversy.

The city plans to remove the Jefferson Davis monument next. The Liberty Place Monument was removed a couple of weeks ago. The removal has created a storm on social media.

Tourists walking the French Quarter still are vocal about the city's decision to begin removing Confederate-era monuments from public view.

"It's history and it's all about history," said Ralph Williams

While some people oppose it, others are in favor of the move.

"It needs to come as quickly as they can," said Clyde Brown.

And the online comments keep coming, many from people who say they will stop visiting the city.

"I have traveled to New Orleans probably 15 times in my adult life," one person posted to Facebook. "I will choose other destinations this year and in the future."

"This is a complete disrespect to our history. I and several others who have visited the city will never set foot in your city again," one emailer said.

While the overwhelming amount of emails FOX 8 received opposed the decision, supporters also sent emails to the mayor.

"I just wanted to formally support New Orleans' decision to remove and relocate the four Confederate monuments," the emailer wrote.

Tourism leaders are keeping their words to a minimum.

"We still are monitoring the situation and haven't made any drastic changes in the way we promote the city," said Kristian Sonnier with the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Major French Quarter business groups like the French Quarter Business Association and the French Quarter Business League are not commenting publicly, saying they have not taken a position. Individual businesses stayed mum as well.

The city is not saying when the other monuments will be removed.

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