Cohen's Kentrell Young powers toward state track meet

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Loaded with raw power from training to play football, Cohen's Kentrell Young has long had the frame to be a premier athlete, but it wasn't until very recently that he discovered his true passion: track and field.

"Ten weeks ago, he'd never held a discus," says throwing coach Katrina Struloeff. "It was just a new, heavy frisbee."

"I've had the strength part," says Young. "I always thought it was just about strength, but it's not. It's about the technique, and that was the hardest part of doing it."

Young admits that for the first few weeks of competing on the track and field team, he hated it. He did anything he could to get out of practice because he thought he wasn't good at it. But discipline soon took over.

"I just stayed at home watching YouTube videos all day, everyday until I fell asleep," says Young. "I learned which finger to roll it off and how to throw your hips into it."

From there, he became the first discus champion on any level in Cohen's history and qualified for Friday's state championship meet after placing first in the regional meet.

"I'm just ready to see everything and everybody," says Young. "I'm not even worrying about getting in the ring. I just want to see the environment and go to LSU because that's my favorite college."

Even more remarkable is his ability to compete and succeed in other events as well. Though he didn't qualify for state in them, he also placed in two other throwing events and the 100-meter dash.

"He's definitely a natural athlete," says Struloeff. "The fact that he can do shot, disc, 100 and javelin and place is really phenomenal. That's three really technical things and a sprinting event. Usually, you don't have that combination in a body type."

Through track and field, Kentrell started down a path that he hopes takes him far beyond high school competition.

"I want to do track and field in college," says Young. "I want to go to the big leagues. I love it now."

With so much success as a junior still new to the sport, Young has his goals laid out ahead of him for his senior year. He wants to push his personal record, currently 132 feet, to around 200 feet. With his dedication, the sky is the limit.

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