Driver in fatal flood wall crash due in court Monday

Driver in fatal flood wall crash due in court Monday

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The man accused of killing a woman by crashing a Lamborghini into a Tchoupitoulas Street flood wall is scheduled to be back in court Monday.

Jason Adams is charged with vehicular homicide for the death of 23-year old Kristi Lirette.

New Orleans police say Adams admitted he was drinking and speeding before he crashed his Lamborghini into the flood wall killing Lirette.

Last month, Adams was in court ahead of what was supposed to be the start of his trial today.

But the state asked for more time and requested to retest Adams blood.

That move came after Adams' attorney argued the blood sample taken at the accident may not have followed the proper chain of custody before it was entered into evidence.

Though the judge refused to exclude the evidence.

The findings of that blood test could be the focus of the hearing and a new trial date could be set.

Even though the trial is delayed, Lirette's father is hopeful for justice.

"We'll probably look at this being delayed until the summer," said Brett Lirette. "It can go to next summer for all I care. I just want him in jail."

Prosecutors also requested more time for the trial because a new assistant district attorney was added to the case.

Adams is expected in court for the status hearing Monday morning.

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