Ben Franklin teacher resigns after racial slur incident

Ben Franklin teacher resigns after racial slur incident

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A teacher who was filmed getting into an argument with a student over the teacher's use of a racial slur has resigned, according to a news release from Ben Franklin High School, where the teacher worked.

The news release reads, in part:

"The administration of Benjamin Franklin High School has conducted an investigation into a classroom incident on Thursday, May 4, 2017 involving a full-time substitute teacher.  Findings from this investigation are that the persistent assertion of the teacher's own views about a highly-charged term overcame his professional responsibilities; that his decision to start and to escalate the interaction resulted in neglect of his duty to create an environment for students that is safe and secure; and that this did not represent high quality teaching and learning, as outlined in the school's Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Although this investigation was aided by a video capturing a few minutes of the exchange between the substitute teacher and students, interviews with the substitute teacher, the students in the immediate exchange, and students in the classroom provided necessary context and information."

On Tuesday, Ryan Brown submitted his resignation pending administrative action, effective immediately. The school said Brown is restricted from campus and school events for the next three years.

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