Grand Isle races to fix its broken "burrito levee" before hurricane season kicks into high gear

Grand Isle Burrito Levee Concerns

GRAND ISLE, LA (WVUE) - With hurricane season rapidly approaching, the town of Grand Isle is racing to repair a damaged sand dune and levee.

Tuesday night, the town council accepted a bid of $1,699,028.60 from Bertucci Contractors, LLC to conduct emergency repairs on roughly 1,500 feet of dune.

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and Jefferson Parish both put up $1 million to provide for the repairs.

In recent months, the Gulf of Mexico has chewed away about 2,000 linear feet of beach, exposing a portion of the town's so-called "burrito levee," the sand-filled synthetic tube buried in about 7 miles of dune.

"We've got to do something to stop the erosion," said camp owner Ralph Rebowe as he surveyed the damage.

Mayor David Camardelle points out the exposed portion of the tube merely acts a buffer levee and the main burrito levee remains in tact inside the dune.

However, the Gulf now brushes up against the levee in mid tide while an adjacent portion of the levee remains in tact under a bed of rocks.

The contract calls for adding more synthetic material and sand before armoring the levee with rocks to cut down on wave action. 
"I know we can get (the work) done between all of us working together," Camardelle said.

While the town's engineers are already working with contractors on the project, Camardelle believes it will take a couple weeks to transport the rocks to Grand Isle.

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