Second Legal Setback this week for Confederate Monument Supporters

Second Legal Setback this week for Confederate Monument Supporters

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - City officials are indicating one or more Confederate era monuments will come down soon, after action in court today.

A civil court judge denied a request to block the removal of the Beauregard statue on the edge of City Hall.

The judge   wasted little time in rejecting this latest request to save the statue of a civil war general, that's dominated a major city intersection for more than 115 years

Judge Kern Reese listened to arguments from both sides  for an hour and a half today, and then rejected a request to block the removal of the Beauregard statue, clearing the way for the city to move in.
"We're going to do this in a manner that's safe and secure and sooner rather than later," said mayor Mitch Landrieu.
 The judge said this process has dragged on ' an inordinate amount of time', and the mayor agrees.
"It's been difficult for us to move, because of the lawsuits that have been pending," said Landrieu.
 Though Judge Reese refused to block the Beauregard removal, statue supporters could go back to court with an appeal.
" This was all about keeping the mayor from tearing down the monument, it has nothing to do with going forward at trial, when we release more documents," said lawsuit plaintiff Richard Marksbury
Monument supporters say in spite of court rulings, a full judicial review of the documents will show that the statue resides on private property, that the city doesn't control.
" The national register in all applications says private property, three times it said that," said Marksbury.
 Those wanting to keep the statue also say it could be damaged in the process.
"Right now I will talk to attorneys about filing with the 4th circuit, if you exhaust that, that's a plan to go forward with the hearing, but if they move the statue, and you don't get the injunction, you've got Beauregard with his head off," said Marksbury.
In spite of the chance of a new appeal, city officials say today's ruling clears the way for demolition of the Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, and PGT Beauregard monuments.
"We've been through a democratic process, and the law is the law, we're going to move forward," said Landrieu.
 But exactly when that will be, remains to be seen.

Mayor Landrieu remains tight lipped about a removal schedule.  He says those concerned will hear about it in enough time to get out there, but we won't telegraph that we're doing.

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