FFF: 5-stars in high school, doesn't mean success in NFL Draft

FFF: 5-stars in high school, doesn't mean success in NFL Draft


In this space last time out, I broke down how tough it is to pick a star quarterback in the NFL draft. For every Tom Brady there's a JaMarcus Russell. All the research and the best scouts can't stop teams from picking a bust at the quarterback spot.

Another inexact science is the star system given to high school football recruits. Two prime examples of how the star system can go wrong, Malachi Dupre and Speedy Noil.

Dupre, out of John Curtis, and Noil, who prepped at Edna Karr, both were anointed with five-stars (the highest mark given). A wide receiver with five-stars, is a can't-miss star by projections.

Both underperformed by their standards in college. Noil, suspended numerous times at Texas A&M, didn't get drafted. Dupre finally got the call late in the 7th round he was going to the Packers.

Noil received an invite to the Packers rookie mini camp, but didn't make the cut. He's got a second shot this weekend with the Seahawks at their rookie minicamp. Those five-stars looked great out of Karr, but now mean nothing in the league.


I was covering baseball the other day at Tulane. "The Voice of the Wave" Todd Gaffagnini, talked up soccer pregame to me. "Graff" is an Everton (English soccer team) supporter, and is all-in on soccer now.

He confessed it took him way too long to adopt a new sport. I broke down to Graff why the sport is so popular worldwide, and why it'll continue to gain steam.

The games are less than two hours long, compared to college football games that go over four hours. Only commercial breaks at halftime is a major draw. In America we can watch most of the matches in our pajamas before the day starts. The other big one, it's on year-round. You turn the TV on, soccer is usually there.


Like most New Orleanians I'm obsessed with roast beef po-boys. But I'm very particular on how they hold up during the meal in relation to overall success. If the roast beef makes the bread too soggy during the meal, that's a no-go for me.

I recently hit two spots in Metairie that passed my consistent roast beef-to-bread test. Parran's and Bear's in Metairie both delivered just what I was looking for.

Bear's is officially called "Bear's Po Boy's at Gennaro's." The location, under the Causeway, isn't the glitziest locale, but the roast beef was fantastic. The place was jam-packed on a weekday afternoon, so the word is out. Bear's bangin' shrimp was also a hit as a side.

Parran's atmosphere doesn't catch your eye on Veterans Blvd., but the roast beef po-boy makes up for it quickly. The roast beef accompanied with onion rings is the right choice at this spot.

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