Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office investigating arrest complaint

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office investigating arrest complaint

DULAC, LA (WVUE) - There are allegations of excessive force in Terrebonne Parish, after a man allegedly fired two shots at a dog. A friend of the family last night took video of Terrebonne sheriff's deputies arresting 18-year-old Christopher Verdin, Jr.

Deputies were called out, they say, because Verdin's mother feared for her life, after Verdin allegedly fired his pistol at the family dog.

But, what happened after Verdin was handcuffed and placed in a sheriff's S.U.V. concerned some onlookers.

"I didn't think it was right, I don't have nothing against cops, but what was going on there was unnecessary, so I started videoing it," said family friend Frank Duplantis.

The Terrebonne Parish sheriff's office says Verdin, had to be disarmed, was out of control in the vehicle, and was kicking and spitting.

They say the scene video only tells part of the story. However, they admit the deputy's choice of words was not a reflection of the sheriff's office.

Deputies booked Verdin with illegal use of a weapon and aggravated cruelty to a juvenile.

The sheriff's office is investigating the entire incident.

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