Saints find new surface for offseason training

Saints find new surface for offseason training

(WVUE) - The off season is a time for training, conditioning and developing chemistry among teammates. A group of Saints players have found a spot where they can accomplish all three, they just have to swap sod for sand.

The White Sands volleyball courts in Elmwood have only been open a few months but they've already become a hangout spot for pro football players each Tuesday. It all started by chance with wide receiver Brandon Coleman "I was just around  the area, driving through and noticed this area and I was like 'wow maybe we can come up here and get some footwork in the back corner. I wasn't even thinking about getting some volleyball in," he said.

Owner Bruce White welcomed the newcomers with open arms "I'm going to do anything I can for the Saints or the Pelicans or any of the groups in New Orleans. For the last three weeks, he has been bringing some of the guys out  and they've been in the background playing," said White.

The group has grown to almost twenty players now, including household names like Cam Jordan, Sterling Moore and Hau'Oli Kikaha grows. As the participation increases, so does the bond between teammates, explains Coleman. "There's nothing better than working out in the sand, getting your sand legs in. It's agility but at the same time, team bonding is what's most important to me. That's kind of the reason I wanted to get the guys out here. I think it's been good for us the last couple of weeks."

Part of the comradery is friendly competition and there is plenty of that "That's what we do. We take everything to the top notch," said Coleman. "Even when we had the ping pong in the locker room we take that real competitive. Of course, I knew this was going to be nothing less," he added. Defensive end Cam Jordan echoes the sentiment. "I'd like to say there were some clutch shots made. I don't know if I made them, but I know they were made on my team," said Jordan.

That team pride is important because whether diving on the sand or setting up a spike, this group hopes the time spent together can lead to success this season.

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