FOX 8 Exclusive: Juveniles booked after fight in youth facility

(WVUE) - FOX 8 captured video of several offenders from the Bridge City Center for Youth being hauled away in handcuffs Friday morning.

"We had approximately eight youths who got into a fight. Basically we're investigating what happened," says Glenn Holt.

Holt is the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Juvenile Justice. He says the fight broke out Wednesday around 10 p.m.

"So, these were eight kids who started fighting each other. The staff very quickly intervened and the fight actually didn't take that long," says Holt.

A source, though, tells FOX 8 that the fight was more like an ambush on a security guard when two of the offenders attacked him. Our source says the guard called for assistance and more offenders joined the attack. At the same time, our source says the offenders broke through security doors and entered the yard outside where the fight continued for about 45 minutes.

Holt says two staff members were injured.

"We had some minor injuries to two staff and that's part of what investigative services is looking at. It appears that may have been the result of some youth," says Holt.

An independent investigative services division is now looking into the incident.

"If it's determined that they did assault staff, they can make the determination to charge that child," Holt says. "Again, if the child is older than 16, it's been our best practice to send those kids over to Jefferson Parish to be handled in the adult system."

A source tells FOX 8, that of the eight being investigated, six of them were booked Friday with battery on a police officer and sent to the Jefferson Parish jail. We're told all six were between 17 and 20 years old. According to the source, a seventh juvenile offender was taken away from the Bridge City facility and sent to another youth facility in the state for housing.

Holt says an incident like what happened Wednesday night hasn't happened in months, and he says the Bridge City Center for Youth is getting better.

"We're back to normal operations and the 99 percent of kids are doing what we want them to do. It's just unfortunate that two nights ago, we had a group of eight kids that decided they didn't like each other," says Holt.

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