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FEMA OKs $1 Million more for debris removal in East Baton Rouge parish

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FEMA recently announced more than $1 million in a federal grant for debris removal for the City of Central in East Baton Rouge Parish. This now represents more than $6 million in federal reimbursements for debris removal in that city.

For the August flooding, FEMA’s Public Assistance program continues to reimburse eligible Louisiana jurisdictions for reasonable costs involved in debris removal. The categories are household garbage; construction debris; vegetative debris; household hazardous waste; white goods such as washing machines, refrigerators, and electronics.

FEMA has paid, to date, more than $77 million for debris removal in Louisiana’s eligible parishes since the August 2016 flooding.

FEMA’s PA program helps to repair or replace critical infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, public buildings, and schools. PA offers supplemental financial assistance on a cost-sharing basis. FEMA typically reimburses 75 percent of eligible PA expenses. However, FEMA will reimburse applicants 90 percent of eligible PA expenses given the magnitude of the August floods.

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