Nungesser leaves meeting with mayor disappointed over monuments

Nungesser leaves meeting with mayor disappointed over monuments

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Louisiana's lieutenant governor said he's been told to stand in line when it comes to taking over the four Confederate-era monuments taken down by the city.

Billy Nungesser left a meeting with the Mayor Mitch Landrieu disappointed Monday.

Nungesser said he's heard from a lot of people who want the monuments to remain in state, but now he's not sure that will happen. He said whether you agree with the statues or not, they are part of history and were paid for by Louisianians.

"I have reached out to the Legislature to support them coming to the state tourism office and hopefully getting other entities to put a committee together to decide the best place to display them," said Nungesser.

Nungesser was hoping that might be a historic battlefield, like the ones in Mansfield or Chalmette.  But in a meeting with Landrieu, he was told he would have to submit a bid to the city if he wants the statues.

"He asked me to put a bid package together, and we discussed the Legislature supporting them coming to me would help make my package stronger," said Nungesser.

Up to now, Nungesser was hoping to pay for the move with private money. Now he says he may need state funds in a tight budget.

"That makes it a lot more costly. I have no idea how much the money will weigh on where they go back up," Nungesser said.

And Nungesser hopes that with the help of the Legislature, that will be in Louisiana and not somewhere else.

"I want to make a decision that's best for Louisiana. It's obvious they are not wanted here," said Nungesser.

The statues are currently being stored at a facility in a maintenance yard near the Desire neighborhood.

Landrieu issued the following statement on his meeting with Nungesser: "I welcomed the lieutenant governor to be a part of the RFP process we have outlined and look forward to getting formal ideas the state has to share about how to place the Confederate statues in proper historical context. We will release additional details on the RFP this week."

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