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River Rising: Levee officials issue warnings, conduct daily inspections

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 With the Mississippi River on the rise, the people who run the levees are out with a word of warning. They have stepped up patrols and worry about construction too close to levees under rising pressure.

After the Carrollton gauge hit 16', flood officials have been conducting daily levee inspections. Those inspections cover 40 miles of levees for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Authority. 

The information on the levees and the river levels are now being programmed into iPads, so that everyone concerned has real-time information. Inspectors are also on the lookout for sand boils and anyone digging holes within 1500 feet of the levees.

The levee district is also having to shut down a higher-than-usual number of construction sites.

"We've had more than a dozen so far in our three levee districts, and it's higher than normal, and we want to get the word out," said Bob Turner with the Southeast Louisiana Flood Authority-East.

Levee officials are looking for any signs of seepage near a levee, which could undermine their strength. They are also on the lookout for any barge operators who nudge their barges up against levees. So far, they say they haven't seen any problems in that regard.

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