Online security precautions can keep accounts safe

Online security precautions can keep accounts safe

(WVUE) - Many use the internet all day, every day

There is always a concern that hackers and break into a website and steal account information.

But there are steps and tools that can be used to help guard against the theft of personal account information.

Nam Nguyen, CEO of C-3 Security, said he does not recommend using the same email password for other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

Changing the password to the main email account and using a strong password with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are also recommended.

It is also important to make a different password for each online service.

And while it might be difficult to remember all of the passwords for separate services, it is a better security practice, Nguyen said.

One suggestion is to incorporate the name of the service into the password like NameOrPhrase@facebook.

Another way to remember all of them is to use a password manager that will log the passwords and automatically log in when a site or service is reached.

Two-factor authentication is also another recommended method for securing an online account.

It is similar to allowing the service to double check to make sure an authorized user is accessing the account.

When logging in with two-factor authentication, a code is sent in a text message. That code must then be entered to complete the login.

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