City says there will be increased NOPD presence this holiday weekend

City says there will be increased NOPD presence this holiday weekend

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The city says you will see an increased NOPD presence in the downtown area this holiday weekend due to the number of visitors that are expected.

Hundreds of Bayou Country Superfest fans were enjoying a free concert Friday night in Champions Square. And on Saturday and Sunday, big name acts will perform in the Superdome.

We talked with fans to find out if they had any concerns following this week's terror attack in the U.K.

"Everything changes from spot to spot and so on and so forth and I think hopefully they did everything to make sure everything is good for all the people that's coming in and out," said concertgoer, Jessie Martinez.

But, another concertgoer we spoke with says what happened at the Manchester Arena does make him nervous.

"Especially when I have two children with me and my wife so I did the little talk on the way here to make sure that they stay close to me and everybody keeps contact with everybody at all times you know looking for obvious threats and stuff," said concertgoer Jason Crittenden.

Earlier this week, New Orleans Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Aaron Miller, told us the city stays in contact with its Federal partners to keep events safe. But, he says he wants to stress the importance of citizens reporting anything unusual or suspicious.

"Having citizens who are alert, having residents and concertgoers who are alert to suspicious activity, having additional public safety on that perimeter just to prevent, detect, deter, look for signs of suspicious activity," said Miller.

Miller says concertgoers should feel comfortable.

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