Mandeville looks to enhance water safety after boy's drowning

Mandeville looks to enhance water safety after boy's drowning

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, and with the Memorial Day weekend, a lot of people are heading to local waterways and beaches to stay cool.

Mandeville  is taking steps to make the waterways safer, after the drowning of a teenager one month ago.

With sweltering temperatures, children take a dip at Seabrook all around the lake, it's the same story. Mandeville's new beach is getting plenty of traffic, but after a drowning at the town's fishing pier earlier this month, the city is looking to increase safety.

Mandeville has purchased 40 of these life safety disks, to put in every police car, to help first responders make a difference.

The disc, contains over 100 feet of line, and is thrown like a frisbee, to someone in distress.

"They're grabbing at it, and you can bring it to shore," said Mandeville mayor Donald Villere, who showed us how it works.

Each disc is rated to help a 200 pound person, stay afloat. Mandeville  is now looking to put some on the pier as well. That's where 16-year-old Chandler Byrd drowned one month ago, and is still missed.

The Centers for Disease Control says each year, more than 3000 people drown in the U.S.

Mandeville's mayor hopes the rescue discs can make a difference if someone is in distress in the future.

"We have enough folks on patrol to get out here in a matter of minutes," said Villere.

People who visit the Mandeville lakefront are told not to swim. But invariably people do, and Mandeville officials hope this new investment may save a life, if tragedy strikes once more.

The new rescue discs cost about $50 a piece. The city of Mandeville will spend about $2000 on forty of them.

They should come in, in about a week.

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