State Police say man shot by court security faces multiple charges

Man shot by Supreme Court security guard identified

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - State Police say the man shot by a Supreme Court security officer Saturday night in the French Quarter will face a number of charges when released by University Medical Center.

He was wounded in an incident captured on cell phone video by a tourist who wants to remain anonymous. Visitors on the balcony of  the Omni Royal Orleans began rolling video when they heard a man shouting what were described as "political statements" across the street. They say he banged on several cars that parked on the St Louis street side of the state Supreme Court building  for about 10 minutes before the guard intervened.

"He's in  private car, the prudent thing to do is call for backup," said LSU criminologist Peter Scharf.

The guard and the subject, identified as 23-year-old  Daniel Methena of Sugarland, TX,  scuffled in the street, then against a car, with the security guard failing to get Methena under control.

"He doesn't have a taser or less lethal weapons. It's a high risk approach," said Scharf.

Scharf, who has written extensively on police use of force, says he can't say for certain if the officer mishandled the situation. But he says Methena may have been confused because the officer wasn't in full uniform.

"Subject thinks he's another drunk," said Scharf.

A witness tells FOX 8 that the altercation began after Methena banged on the officer's car.

"There's no one else in imminent danger of being harmed," said Scharf.

Minutes later, the security guard, who is not being identified by police, has Methena on the ground when a shot was fired.

"Getting so close to the subject is probably a tactical error, you force yourself into a corner," said Scharf.

The entire scuffle lasted about 5 minutes. Scharf says the incident could be used as a learning tool.

"I think they need an after-action report and go through every element," said Scharf.

A passerby administered aid to Methena on the scene. Methena is recovering from his gunshot wound at University Medical Center and is in stable condition.

"Before anything happened, you had a risk factor of a nine that a bunch of things would happen that are all bad," said Scharf.

The Supreme Court declined to comment on the status of the officer. State Police say their investigation is ongoing.

Methena faces several charges when he's released from University Medical Center, including battery on a police officer and resisting arrest by using violent force.

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