Evacuspots a lifeline during evacuations

Evacuspots a lifeline during evacuations

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Days ahead of hurricane season, the Evacuteer program is working to make sure everyone has a way out of town in case of a mandatory evacuation.

The program, created after Hurricane Gustav, helps people without a ride evacuate the city usually when a category 3 or higher storm is approaching.

There are 17 locations strategically placed throughout the city that make it easy to get out as early as 60 hours before a storm.

"We make sure that people are prepared with their one bag, if they have their pets, bring your pets with their carriers and leashes, medications. They can bring their children, of course, everybody needs to travel together. We make sure the families stay together and travel together. They board an RTA bus, head off to the union passenger terminal downtown to be processed, and we get them on a safe ride out of the city to a shelter to stay there until the city reopens and then we actually get them bus back into the city," Kali Roy, the director of the program, said.

The program also recommends people who are home bound or can't get to a spot sign up beforehand to get help at their home.

"That allows the health department to see who has medical resources that might need a special evacuation process to be picked up from their homes with a para-transit vehicle for example and then they can get transported safely out of the city that way," Roy said.

If you'd like to find the closest 'evacuspot' near you click here.

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