Who Dat Making Headlines: "Bro-biking" is in, Nas and Lauryn Hill new tour

Who Dat Making Headlines

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Justin Timberlake sure knows how to have fun and when he's with buddy Jimmy Fallon, any thing could happen including "bro-biking."

"Just biking through the Hamptons..so beautiful!" the star said in a video posted to Instagram over the Memorial Day weekend.

"Bro-biking!" Fallon screams from the back of the bike as they zip back and forth down the street.

The funny duo jokes tandem biking is their favorite way to get around while hanging out.

Nas x Lauryn Hill 

Musicians Nas and Lauryn Hill will hit the road together this fall.

The pair collaborated in 1996 for hit song "If I Ruled the World" and now 20 years later, they're teaming up again with a new tour.

The tour kicks off September 7 in Chicago with only 17 shows.

The closest show to Louisiana is on September 27 in Houston.

Tickets are on sale today.

See tour schedule here.

Ginger Spice apologizes 

It was a tough day for Spice Girls fans everywhere when "Ginger Spice" left the group in 1998 but now she's apologizing for her exit.

Ginger Spice, whose real name is Geri Halliwell tweeted Wednesday saying she was sorry for abandoning the group in the middle of a world tour in 1998.

The apology came after a fan account tweeted about the incident.

"19 years ago today, it was announced that @GeriHalliwell had left the Spice Girls in the middle of their world tour," the tweet read.

Halliwell responded, "I'm sorry about that...everything works out in the end, that's what my mum says."

Halliwell cited difference with her band mates as the reason for her departure from the group.

The girl band reunited in 2006 and 2012, but did not as fans wished they had in 2016 in honor of the group's 20th anniversary.

Here's a flashback Friday song for you to jam out to:

In Bieber fashion

Pop star Justin Bieber isn't holding back when it comes to his fashion.

A recent picture of his rather bold outfit has the internet going crazy.

He was photographed in New York City sporting a large cowboy hat, a pullover, shorts and leggins.

Social media weighed in with their comments mixed with approval disgust.

See the buzzing photo here.

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