Mayor Landrieu talks new crime fighting technology, as Tulane Avenue investors worry

Mayor Landrieu talks new crime fighting technology, as Tulane Avenue investors worry

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - As police continue to look for one or more gunmen from Saturday's quintuple shooting, Mayor Landrieu is talking about investing in new technology.

And businesses near the scene of this weekend's shooting hope the new strategy works, though paying for it, won't be easy.

All along Tulane Avenue you see change. But you also see places where there have been way too many shootings, like at Ulloa, and Tulane  where three people were killed and two wounded Saturday morning.and new business owners are concerned.

He is part of a multi-million dollar renaissance on Tulane Avenue.

"You certainly see progress but it's not going fast enough," said Alex Ramirez, with the newly renovated, 'The Drifter Hotel.'

New hotels, condos, and restaurants dot the thoroughfare, all since the new VA and UMC hospitals were developed. Ramirez and a group of investors have put hundreds of thousands into the old Rose Inn, and created an upscale property called 'The Drifter Hotel'.

"What we're bringing here is people interested in a nice drink or the pool, and we're bringing people here interested in a unique experience," said Ramirez.

But along with  new investment, are some old problems.

"It makes me very frustrated," said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

The coroner's office has now identified the three deceased from Saturday morning's shooting, among them, 21-year-old Zach Nelson, a former kicker for St Augustine High School.

In addition to Nelson, 24-year-old Aaron Melton and 25-year-old Larry King were also killed.

The coroner says all died from gunshot wounds.

"He was a good kid, did what his mom asked, looked after his sister," said Nelson's friend Pilar Turner.

But the shooting Saturday on that stretch of Tulane was nothing new. There have been eight people killed there within a four-block area since the first of the year and earlier in the week, a security guard was murdered at Tulane and Galvez.

"As long as this keeps happening people will resist coming onto the corridor and that's not what we want to see," said Ramirez.

Police have been a constant presence on Tulane since Saturday's shooting, but the suspects are still on the loose.

The mayor is talking about beefing up the area with things like crime cameras, and shot spotting technology to alert law enforcement as to where gunfire is occurring.

"Those technologies are proven, is what we will use, especially that which will free up manpower so they can be where they need to be," said Landrieu.

But how to pay for the new technology is not known.

While new technology would be appreciated, people investing in the Tulane corridor say more officers would be even better.

"The neighbors have had enough and it's time for action," said Ramirez.

Tulane business owners say non permitted parties, were an issue in Saturday's night's shootings, and continue to be a problem. They urge city officials to do more to enforce permits, to make sure that parties are licensed, and include adequate  security.

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