Mid-City residents, police talk crime-fighting strategy

Mid-City crime concerns

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Mid-City residents are pushing for new crime fighting strategies after a mass shooting in their neighborhood.

A shooting that claimed three lives, including a St. Augustine alum and left two more injured.

It happened on the most violent day in New Orleans this year.

The shooting happened early Saturday morning. Monday night just two blocks from the scene, residents packed a local business to discuss the fallout.

The event, hosted by the Mid-City Tulane Banks Neighborhood Association and the 504 Craft Beer Reserve, was standing room only.

As neighborhood leaders, New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison, and First District Commander Hans Ganthier addressed the crowd.

Police detailed their strategy to saturate the area with patrols and boost overtime hours.

Ganthier also spoke about a handful of businesses in the area he calls problematic. But added police have worked hard to eliminate drug sales in the neighborhood, something residents believe could be one part of the problem.

"Drugs are responsible for a large portion of the violent crime but not all of the violent crime," Harrison said. "So keep in mind there are many incidents where people get into arguments and they take their frustration out with guns on one and other."

Harrison said there is a culture of violence that goes on for generations.

"It is young people with easy access to firearms and a lot of it is just retaliation for bad acts, and then retaliations from previous bad acts and on and on," Harrison said.

The group also discussed a program run by the Mid-City neighborhood organization that reimburses homeowners in hot spot areas who install crime cameras on their homes.

Residents announced local businesses Treo and Finn McCool's would provide a fund to front the cost of cameras that could help eligible residents obtain a camera at no cost.

The neighborhood association will help facilitate that program with eligible residents.

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