D-Day veterans receive the French Legion of Honor medal

D-Day veterans get Legion of Honor medal

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Their numbers are getting scarce but big honors for veterans of the Normandy invasion this D-Day in the warehouse district.

Four veterans received the French Medal of Honor at a ceremony at the National World War II Museum.

They have come from all over the country to take part in a tribute to some of the bravest men of the 20th Century.

Nearly 300 people packed into the Boeing Pavillion of the museum to take part in today's ceremony. Among them just four veterans of the D-Day invasion.

It is a long day for them and a big day for their friends and family members who are beaming with pride.

In Operation Overlord, 2,500 Allied soldiers died in the battle which led to the liberation of Europe 73 years ago today.

"Ever since and for centuries to come Americans will think of D-Day as the climactic battle of World War II and the epic victory of the last century," said museum director Gordon Mueller.

Four veterans were also presented with the French Legion of Honor. It is one of France's highest honors and it is recognition of sacrifice these soldiers made to free their country.

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