Louisiana massage therapist murdered during morning appointment

Louisiana massage therapist murdered during morning appointment

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WVUE) - A Louisiana massage therapist was found murdered after going to an in-home appointment.

Investigators say Kayla Ann Denham went to a Denham Springs home to meet a client for an appointment. Before she arrived, she texted her boyfriend the address of where she would be. But, the Baton Rouge massage therapist, who advertised online, never returned home.

"Later on, the boyfriend did not hear from her. He started calling her and couldn't get her and he knew something wasn't right so then he started looking for her," said Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard.

Now, Christopher Landry is charged with Denham's murder. Investigators say her boyfriend found her car on Landry's property and police found her body in a building on his property.

The news is concerning for New Orleans massage therapist, Amy Nicole Stewart.

"Generally, if I am going to someone's house it's somebody I've met before because it is a very vulnerable thing to show up with your massage table, someone that you don't know's house so it can be really scary," said Stewart.

That's why she says she's very cautious when working.

"If I'm going to someone's house and I've never met them before I make sure that I have their full name, that I have their address, that I have their phone number, I would do exactly what this girl did and text it to someone that I know, but I would also be sure that hey my appointment is done in an hour, if I don't text you back in an hour something's wrong," said Stewart.

New Orleans security expert Marlon Defillo offers this advice for anyone who has to make house calls for their line of work:

"You first have to do some background, you want to gather as much information about the client, their name, their address, if they have a home telephone number you want to verify some of that information, one of the things now in today's time, you're talking about social media, you can Google that person and you will learn a lot about that individual through social media," said Defillo. "I can't emphasize enough that you've got to have that sixth sense that if you don't feel right about it maybe you ought not go."

Landry was arrested for second degree murder and obstruction of justice. But, investigators say that could change depending on what an autopsy reveals about Denham's death.

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